Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread
This recipe was brought to our family from a dear friend in Missoula. It is called Monkey Bread because you pull it off the loaf with your hands like a monkey would. This sweet dough is excellent for turkey and ham dinners and compliments Thanksgiving and Christmas like no other yeast bread can, plus it’s fun!
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  1. 1c Milk
  2. 1c Margarine or butter (Butter tastes better)
  3. 4T Sugar
  4. 1 ½ t salt
  5. 1 package yeast (1T)
  6. 3 ½ c Flour
  1. Combine milk, ½ c margarine, sugar and salt in sauce pan
  2. Heat until melted and cool until at 90-100 degrees
  3. Stir in yeast well until dissolved
  4. Place flour in large bowl, stir in milk mixture until well blended
  5. Cover and let raise for 1-2 hours until doubled in size
  6. Put dough on floured surface, roll out to ¼” thick and cut into 3 inch squares
  7. Dip the squares into the remaining 1/2c butter/margarine (may need more if you soak them well like I do) and layer into a 10” Bundt cake pan
  8. Let rise until doubled again (30-40 minutes) and bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes
  9. Watch it! Don’t let it burn but let it get a nice golden crust
  10. Let cool a few minutes, then invert onto a plate and serve while still warm
  11. Enjoy and have a happy Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner!!
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