J4 Radio Spots

Here are some of our favorite ads we have cut throughout the years

Vi, myself and our marketing/sound engineer guy would get together and come up with some pretty wild stuff when our creative juices started flowing. Some of our ads we will only play on certain, more “liberal” stations, such as one entitled “Quickie”. We talk about our quick service but it had some adult innuendo in it that made it inappropriate for sensitive ears.

We have dozens and dozens of ads dated back to 1995 on reel to reel tapes and cassettes. That is Vi signing the intro and exit lyrics. I harmonize with her on the exit piece. We tried to re-cut the music bed and the sing-in/out several years later with me playing the drums in the rhythm soundtrack but it was never as good. You can hear it in “Language of Repair”. Enjoy!


Flush & J4 Flush – Flush was cut in 2000, J4 Flush in 2013. We wanted to get out the message that we do fluid flushes and preventative maintenance. In our ads, you will find that I usually play the fall guy. 🙁

Language of Repair – What can I say? We get some pretty good sounds coming from across the counter when our customers try to replicate the noises their car is making. We talk the talk! 🙂

Sprung Springs – I really don’t know where this came from. It just happened.

Chester – One of our all-time favorites and timeless to boot. Cut in January of 2002, Chester was our 120 pound full blood Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He had a lot of fingers pointed at him when there was a strange smell in the air, and it usually wasn’t him. BTW, Chester would jump up and run to the speaker in the front room every time the ad would play on the radio.

Frozen Kids – Cut in October of 2002, the idea came about when our daughter Kacy was in competitive All Star cheerleading and all of the cheerleading movies were coming out in the 2000’s like “Bring It On”. That is Kacy and Vi doing the cheer. Kacy was eight at the time.

J4 Green Shop – Cut in the spring of 2013

NAPA ASE tech of the Year 2007 – Some of that “adult innuendo” I mentioned earlier. 😉