How to Check Around the Car

Illustration Showing How To Inspect The Wiper Blades On Your CarIllustration Showing You How To Inspect The Lights On Your CarIllustration Showing How To Inspect Your Tires For Proper InflationIllustration Showing How To Inspect The Shock Absorbers On Your CarIllustration Showing How To Inspect The Exhaust System On Your Car

Important note: This content is created to help you become more familiar with your vehicle. The information presented herein is generic in nature and applies to almost every vehicle on the road today. For specific information and recommendations for your particular vehicle, we recommend referring to your vehicle’s owner’s manual. If you do not have one, we recommend purchasing one for your vehicle. The owner’s manual will list the proper operating procedures, maintenance intervals and requirements and the fluid types needed to keep your vehicle in a reliable and trouble free state of operation. This in turn will deliver the best return on your investment and provide you with the optimum safety and economy in operation.